Windows: Outlook 2013 IMAP Setup Guide


Windows: Outlook 2013 IMAP Setup Guide

This article will assist you with setting up Outlook 2013 with your Hosted Mailbox.

    1. Click on the Start Menu (or press the Windows key) and then search for Control Panel
    2. Once in the Control Panel, Click on Mail
    3. When the Mail Control Panel opens, select Show Profiles

            4.  Select Add to add a new profile. Enter any name you wish and select OK

            5.  Select Manual setup or additional server types. Click Next

            6.  Select POP or IMAP and click Next

            7.  In the Add New Account window, input the following information:

                 Email Address:
                 Account Type: IMAP
                 Incoming Mail Server:
                 Outgoing Mail Server:

                User Name:
                Password: Your mailbox password

            8.  Click on More Settings then click the Outgoing Server Tab

            9.  Check the box for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
                 Check the button for Use same settings as my incoming mail server


            10.  Change Use the following type of encrypted connection to SSL
                   Change the port numbers to match the image below.


            11.  Click OK

            12.  Click Next. Outlook will now attempt to send a test message using the settings we have just put in. If everything was entered correctly, the message will send out successfully.


Congratulations! You have now setup Outlook to work with your Mailbox. Please wait 15 minutes before troubleshooting to allow for mail to download.

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