Mailbox Enhancements

We'd like to inform you of a few enhancements we're making to 1791 Mail. The purpose of these enhancements is to improve our ability to protect users by informing them of messages that seem "suspicious", and provide them with some new warnings and useful information to encourage them to think twice before trusting messages in their mailbox. These new enhancements are available to you today.

First, we are introducing the concept of "Suspicious" email. Messages deemed suspicious are decorated with a warning in the message preview and pop-out window. If the Suspicious designation is due to a configuration problem with the sender, but the sender is a known and trusted contact, you can choose to trust the sender and suppress future warnings.

Second, we've added functionality to protect users from accidentally triggering malicious content from messages in the spam folder. You can view the basic content, but images, links, and attachments are not accessible while the message is in the spam folder.

Finally, we're making some updates to how we display sender discrepancy information. A common sign of phishing/spoofing messages is when the Friendly From email address (what users see as the message sender) does not match the Return-Path address (where the message came from). We've added information to the "From" field that shows when the primary domains of these two sender addresses do not match. Also, to help users, we added a mouse-over help bubble to explain what "sent from" means.

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