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What is 1791 Email?  

1791 email is a private email account that will not be scanned by us and we will never sell your email address or use the contents of your emails to sell you something.


How to Sign Up for 1791.com Email:

1.Click here to go to: 1791 Sign Up

2. Follow the steps on the screen to complete your account setup.

3. After you've created your 1791 Email Account, you can use your 1791 Email to sign on your computer, phone, or tablet.


How long does it take for my mailbox to be set up?

Typically this takes at least 10 minutes but can take up to 1 hour if the site is busy.


How to Reset your 1791 Password: 

If you are experiencing Login Failure or Forgotten your Password.

We recommend you reset the password. This is the fastest way to gain access to your 1791mail.com Account:

Click on the link here: Reset Password

Please note that your password must include 8 characters with at least 1 upper and lowercase letters and a number or special character.


How to get to your 1791 Email Settings:

1. Open your 1791 Email

2. Once in your 1791 Email in the top right click on the three horizontal lines.

3. Once you have accessed your settings: General Settings, Composing Email, Incoming Email, Spam Settings will appear.

4. When you're done updating your settings, click Save at the bottom of the page.


How to Renew your 1791 Email:

1. Login to your 1791 My account here.

2. Once you are in My Account click on Orders.

3. Once you have clicked on Orders, Click on the grey Renew button and fill in the information needed and proceed to checkout for renewal.


Can I link my 1791 Mail to a desktop client?

Yes, you can link your 1791 Mail to a desktop client such as Microsoft Outlook or the preinstalled mail application for your Mac. For a full list of linking instructions please click here where you will find complete list.


What is the best way to take advantage of all of the 1791 mail features on my phone or tablet?

To get the most robust experience on your phone or tablet, link your 1791 account to the preinstalled mail application on your device. For a full list of linking instructions please click here where you will find complete list.


Can I purchase additional 1791 email addresses?

You may purchase as many accounts as you would like! Click Here


Does 1791 Email allow me to manage my calendar and tasks similar to other email providers?

Yes, similar to other email providers you are provided several tools. You will have access to a calendar feature, a tasks feature where you can set tasks and due dates, and also a notes feature where you can record and save notes.


My Inbox is displaying the time as Eastern Time.  I live in a different Time Zone.  Is there a way to change the setting?  

Yes, you can change this by going doing the following. Go to Settings (3 horizontal lines), this can be found by clicking on the box located to the right of where your email address is displayed towards the top right of the page.  Then Click General Settings, then click Language & Date/Time.  The time zone can be changed here to one of your choice.


Are emails generated on 1791.com protected with any kind of encryption?

Yes emails generated from your 1791.com account are encrypted so that they are secure when being sent to your recipients.


How do you handle spam?

We have spam filters in place in addition to each user being able to set their own spam settings. A user can choose to set a spam blocker for a particular sender or an entire domain name. A user can also flag individual emails as spam to help the system learn which emails the user recognizes as spam. The flagged for being spam will then be put into a separate folder for the user.


How much email storage space will I get?  Also, what size are attachments limited to?

The current maximum mailbox size is 25GB, and the current attachments are limited to 50MB.

I have a question I don’t see on this list.  How do I get my question answered?

You can contact customer service by clicking here. 



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